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Premium Membership Card

 1,000  250

By becoming our membership card holder , you can access to all our 3 premium services i.e :

1- Service #01  Laboratory Discounts
2- Service #02 Home Based Healthcare
3- Service #03 Low Cost Surgeries

Please find more details in description below.

Product Description

Service # 01
Laboratory Discounts

Ezhealthcare offers 25% to 45% discount on all lab tests to our membership card holders at our selected laboratories and x-ray centres, at all branches, in Karachi. You just need to show the card and get Discounts.

Service # 02
Home Based Healthcare

We aim to provide home-based healthcare. We can provide servers ranging from maid-servants to different grades of qualified nurses, on-call doctors and consultants, with the monitoring and ancillary services.

Service # 03
Low Cost Surgeries

We offer to our membership card holders, all sorts of common surgeries at the flat rate of Rs 10,000/- Only (without medicine). The specialties include general surgery, gynecology, urology and ENT operations.


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